10 Creative Ways To Say Thank You

America just had its annual Thanksgiving holiday. I have been very involved this year because we hosted it at our house. The father-in-law is allergic to turkey so we turned into the good ol' ham (which was kind of a hit). While the event became more focused to feasting with the poor turkeys (and Black Friday shopping eventually), the core of it all is about gratitude. And giving thanks is of course not just an American thing but its universal.

When you get a thank you, there is this warm and fuzzy feeling inside of you that you just can’t figure out. It feels nice to know that someone remembered that gesture you did for them, even if it was weeks ago. And as with everything else in the world, to create a balance, you need to reciprocate that feeling. A thank you would never go out of style. Don’t be shy and let the person know. A thank you could go a long way to make that person smile or even brighten up their day!

Here are 10 creative ways on how to say thanks to your friends and loved ones.

Say it with a small handmade gift.

Handmade gifts are one creative way to say thank you. Think of how you can make the person you want to thank feel better and make them something. You can give out handmade soaps, candles, scrubs or even scarves, if you’re into knitting. There are lots of tutorials in the web and I couldn’t stress this enough, Pinterest is our bestfriend. Check out this link to know what I mean.

Remember, even if it’s a small gift, when it’s handmade, it shows the person how you took time and made something just to let them know how much they’re appreciated.

Say it with a poem.

Release your inner Maya Angelou and write a poem. It sounds kind of outdated and cheesy (with all the technology everywhere) but that someone who has done something for you won’t even think that about you! Those heartfelt words would let them know how much they mean to you, and that’s not cheesy at all.

Get that aqua marble pen and paper and pour those words out!


Say it with a tasty treat.

Baking and cooking tutorials are everywhere. Brownies, cookies, cupcakes, you name it – there’s a tutorial for that, and by tutorial I mean tutorial for different flavors and types as well. But if your person is not into sweets, fret not. There are hundreds of recipes for other treats as well. You can make them chips, sauces, dips and even drinks!

Now, put that apron on, channel your inner Martha Stewart and make something out of the kitchen!

Say it with a 'thank you' note.

You know it. I know it. There’s this tingly feeling when you get a thank you note. It feels nice and warm to get a little note thanking you for something you did. You don’t need to send someone a formal thank-you card (although that’s a nice touch), but just a little note saying thank you for a specific thing the person has done for you can go a long way. And it only takes a minute or two. You can also go the extra mile (literally) and deliver it personally.

And as a thank you to the Miss Greene squad, here are printable thanksgiving postcard sets I designed so you can send out to your loved ones and friends. Choose from funky and classy designs.


 FUNKY POSTCARD FRONT 5.5in x 4.25in

 FUNKY POSTCARD BACK 5.5in x 4.25in



Say it with a favor.

What better way to say thank you by doing something nice for someone and expecting nothing in return. Get them a coffee, do a chore for them, do an errand, anything you can think of that they’d appreciate would be good enough. Think of what the person likes, wants or needs, and try to do something to help them.

Actions speak louder than words, and doing something nice will show you are grateful more than just saying it.

Say it with a surprise lunch/dinner.

Sounds like a date and it is! Just send over an invitation and invite the person out for lunch or dinner. You can reserve their favorite restaurant and pick out a good spot to seat on. Or make them their favorite dish at home and eat out in the garden!

No matter the setting, there’s no better way than saying thank you with food, company and pleasant conversations with the people you cherish and love.

Say it with a list.

Take a break for five minutes and make a list of ten, twenty or even fifty things you love about someone or a list of the things they’ve done for you that you appreciate. If you’re feeling extra thankful and creative, go make that list a hundred! Not only are you relieving happy memories with that person, you’re also reminding them how much you both mean and appreciate each other. 

For an added flair, check out this rose gold stationery set you can use to thank your special loved one!

Say it with a surprise.

Actually, this is mostly the same as a favor, but with a twist: surprise the person. A little extra step of surprising someone can make a big difference. When your partner comes home from work, have a candlelit dinner prepared. When your mom walks out her front door in the morning, water all her roses. When your son or daughter opens her lunch box, slip a little note and a treat waiting for her. Sweet somethings are always better when it’s a surprise.

Say it with a hug.

If you have a loved one in your life you want to thank, give them a hug! We often can go too long without showing our affection and gratitude, even to those who are closest to us. Hugs are personal, intimate and most of all they’re free. It only takes less than 10 seconds of your time to let them feel how much you are thankful for the things they have done for you.

As a disclaimer, only give hugs if you know the person very well. If you give a hug to a stranger, be prepared to run very fast afterwards!

Literally, just say it.

Say your thank you via text, via email or via chat. Let the person know how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. Saying thank you is one of the simplest ways of gratitude and every person needs to know they’re valued.



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