Avoid buying these gifts for your picky friends

Buying the perfect gift has always been tricky. It’s almost an art to find the right gift that will make the receiver’s eyes twinkle. But we all have that one friend makes it a little more difficult- the one who is too picky about everything from food to clothes and beyond. How can you please the Ms. Picky of your life? These are the gifts to avoid when buying gifts for your picky friends:


  1. The useless, gag gift

Let’s face it, we never really used anything we bought or received that’s made to be funny unless it was comedy night in the office! The rubber chicken, wine bottle glass and burrito wrap blanket may look good for a laugh, but for your picky friend? Get ready to have these items thrown into the donation box in a month or worse- the trash bin. Funny items are made for people who are funny, and people who collect funny things. This kind of gift is not only useless, it adds up to the pile of mess nobody uses after a week especially in Ms. Picky’s space.

 Always stick to your neutrals and classics

  1. The gift that requires personal taste

Any gift that requires the answer to the question “does this match her taste?” is the thing to avoid. Picky friends are picky for a reason- they are hard to please. What’s personal taste exactly? “A person's taste is their choice in the things that they like or buy, for example their clothes, possessions, or music.” Accessories, perfume, make-up, and jewelry are just some examples of products that require personal taste significantly. Do you need to avoid this absolutely? Of course not! Always stick to your neutrals and classics that will look, smell and feel timeless even for the pickiest of friends.  


  1. The gift “As Seen on TV”

The Snuggie, Shake Weight and Tiddy Bear have made viral waves commercially and online but it would definitely end up in the back of your picky friend’s closet! Like funny gifts, items seen in an infomercial will either be a hit or a miss.  And for picky friends it will be more of the latter than the former! Infomercials are known to be very persuasive and informative form of advertising a product usually seen on television. It may sound and look like a good idea to give these kind of products to friends at first, but trust me- it will end up a mess-maker.


  1. The regift gift

If most people are not into the idea of receiving a regift, what more your picky friends! But if you do opt for this option, make sure you follow these rules when regifting! Make sure that whatever you will regift are in perfect condition, unopened and/or unused. But I suggest you make a proper budget, stick to it and buy new gifts that is specifically tailor to your loved ones’ likes and preferences.


  1. Nothing

We now live in a world where actual “nothing” gifts are sold in the market. From
“nothing” gifts to just nothing- these are definitely the worst options. For people who have everything and those who ask nothing, this is a hilarious thing to buy. But come on, it’s the holidays! It’s the time to give and receive.  


It seems like an impossible task to buy a gift for picky people! But It’s easier than it seems. Get them something functional, customized and/or neutral. Functional items such as workout gear, organizers and calendars are ideas that will not only be nice but also helpful. While customized items from minimalist mugs, doormats and notepads will add a sentimental, personal touch to your gift and will definitely not end up in the trash bin! I mean, who would want their names in a garbage bag? Neutral-colored items, which can also be those with classic and timeless designs are preferable as it is suits most people. This can be a nice white polo, a tote bag or a nude slip-on sandal. For the friend who takes their personal taste more seriously than others, these adjectives will save your gift shopping days. Picky friends will appreciate whatever you give, but always remember to spend money wisely and give gifts that are functional, customized and/or neutral.


For your picky friends



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