Our Favorite Bloggers and their Home Office Makeovers

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Be Inspired from Our Favorite Influencers and their Home Office Design Makeovers

“Creating the home you want is a process. You don’t need a fancy degree, and you certainly don’t have to hire a professional to do it for you. One of the most freeing things I ever did was grasping that my home was mine to make my own. It can be life altering when you feel like your home works for you and reflects your style. The idea of creating my own anything was pretty foreign to me but….I began to adored the way the brush felt in my hand, liking the fact that I was working on something—that I had a project.”

These are the words from Shaunna West, a wife, mother, blogger of Perfectly Imperfect and author of the book, “The $50 Home Makeover” that provides simple projects to help homeowners style and decorate their spaces in the easiest and most affordable way possible. Unlike before when home offices expressed eerie and mundane attitude—having the executive or business professional-kind of feeling, we can now become stylish and creative in shaping the design of our home office and organize workspace that intimately linked into our personality. For you to be inspired, we gathered some tips and points about office interior styling makeovers by our favourite influencers.


Minimalism: All Whites and Neutrals with Greenery

Kasia Rutkowiak showcased her updated Scandinavian home office interior styling a year ago through her “My Full House” blog that contains her daily inspiration in life. Despite the space limitations, she was happy to have her small office desk to have a spot in the living room. Her creative space represents a minimalist style with neutrals plus the greenery part surrounds the area, giving the entire space a cohesive look. The unique part in her office is the file organizer she placed for office supplies. The conventional and functional string shelving system was created by her favourite Swedish designer, Niels Strinning for expanding the use of space in organized way.


Without mimicking the surroundings of the typical setting similar with the 9 to 5 work life, Martin Amado mentioned through his book, “One-Day Room Makeovers” that designing your own office space is “your opportunity to be the boss, to be your own creative director of sort, and create an inspiring space that strikes the perfect balance between function and style.” He believes that creating a beautiful environment first is the main target while making it a productive home office space is secondary. Therefore, surround your home office with inspiration to continue moving forward in your life, your hobbies, and your passions which are stepping blocks to your visions and dreams, not about all things business.

Thrifty and Creativity: Conserving Lifestyle Items and Upcycling Office Decors

Serena Appiah, a full-time blogger behind Thrift Diving who has a vision of creating, inspiring and teaching people through her love of home decorating and office organization, shares her process of transforming her cluttered office basement. Her resourcefulness and creativity gave birth to her office desk from thrifted file cabinets and a heavy thrifted top and to fill in the gap, she added a piece of wood to the right cabinet.


She kept all her old items like her magazine rack. She also made a pink DIY whiteboard and a DIY chain wall art, adding some edge to the walls that can literally inspire and motivate her to be more efficient. Next, she renovated her old desk chair by cutting out small pieces and then sewing them all together around the curves. Her vintage drafting table, white stool, and her white plant holder are all thrifted pieces.

Textures and Accent: The Faux White Fur and Gold Shimmers

Desi Perkin, a YouTube beauty guru had her office and lounge area to be designed according to her fun and feminine aesthetic. With the help of her designer, DeAnna Mackensen made her elegant space that really mirrors Desi’s personality.


Her office was transformed into a sophisticated yet functional space that focuses on shimmering gold hardware, marble and rose gold desk accessories, surprises of pink, and animal accents. The designer loves the unique accent black wall that blends well with various textures like the white fur and finishes in the office. There are many drawers, trays, and desk organizers for her beauty supplies.

Color and Contrast: Bright and Pastels with Neutrals

Christine Andrew revealed her office design makeover through hellofashionblog.com. Being enamoured from white and gold, she wanted to have a more feminine vibe and colourful atmosphere, contrasting element to the neutral colors from the most areas of her home. She incorporated the pastel accents of blues, pinks, and coral and then she placed some beautiful paintings as office décor in the walls.


Being inspired from the paintings, she got her cute pink and blue throw pillows to significantly blend well with them, making the room look naturally stylish. Her favourite home office decor is her adjustable gold lamp. Looking at the overall appearance of her office, it has a very clean and elegant style with having some touches of bright colors to make the room fun while keeping it simple and modern.

Indie and Vintage: Contemporary Mid-Century Bohemian Style

Kasie, a blogger of “Musings on Momentum” recently shared her mid-century Bohemian office design. Being inspired from the “mid-century bones of their home” while combining the global influences that she cherishes, her office interior styling has a bright, cozy and some notes of vintage vibes, allowing disparate shapes to coexist without seeming cluttered.


Considering their small room, she kept everything on a smaller space to prevent overcrowding. She selected a stunning grey twill mid-century dining room chair to be the focal point of interest—her chic yet comfortable office chair that accentuates the area. Her brass pharmacy floor lamp added a glow to her desk space. Her streamlined, organized closet filled with dedicated accessories and crafts is the special part of her office.


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