When you don't know where to start - Categorize!

Isn’t it just pleasurable, therapeutic- even, to be part of a space where there is flow, consistency and visual-symphony? Take Khloe Kardashian’s home, for example. Her picturesque, perfectly-organized pantry and fridge (even her cookie jars are out-of-this-world, meticulously organized wonderland) are the epitome of optimal categorization. No wonder her organizing videos under the KHLO-C-D series, became viral with a whooping 4 million YouTube views just for her cookie jars video! But what is it really, that makes it so impressive? It’s simply her ability to categorize and make everything more fluid and visually-appealing on her own-with just a little help from labels, containers and trash cans.


While there is no scientific way to categorize things, a disciplined and a resourceful mind can always take your space from point mess to point yes! Categorizing has always been a requisite to an organized life and decluttered mind. With 8-12-hour work shifts as inevitable sources of weariness and stress, the last thing you need is to finish tasks in a messy and disorderly space. A cluttered, poorly-maintained area can instantly affect mood and productivity. Hence, your personal and professional workspace should be your own little sanctuary, a daily buffer against workplace stress.


Ladies at the top of their game should be aware of how to categorize effectively and consistently. The act of creating order itself can affect their daily routines and mind sets. Hence, we are sharing techniques to make you feel more amped up to complete tasks seamlessly in your space! We classified the techniques below by benefit to further inspire you to continually create order in the office. Below are some categorizing techniques that can boost efficiency, boost mood, and boost discipline at work:


Boost Efficiency 

Labels, labels and more labels!


Wonder why there is mania on label makers nowadays such as Dymo? People love how labels look like! And most importantly, it stops confusion which in result, saves so much time. Labelling is a the ultimate "must" in categorizing. There are so many labels to choose from such as decorative tags, stenciled numbers, and even readily labelled containers available in numerous stores anywhere. There is definitely no excuse. Don't worry, I got all DressMyDesk readers FREE printable labels below so start categorizing!

Ready to Print File Folder Labels

Blank Label Tags

Blank Label Sticker


Zones, Colors and Sizes

The art of coordination means living the category within category life! To be able to categorize numerous things, you have to first start with general themes then down to specific themes. According to Inc’s Neil Patel, there is a two-zone perspective that any employee should be knowledgeable about: the computer and non-computer zone. From these two types of zoning, you can now separate materials, and clear out spaces perfect for specific tasks. Colors and sizes of different materials (e.g. papers, desk essentials) should now be taken into consideration to complete optimal categorization. You can deeper and deeper into the category within category life by adding more categories such as brands, favorites and more. 


Place all priorities in front, or simply within reach. You can even create a separate container or box for your desk essentials.


Boost Mood

Trash Course 101

Ever entered a room full of things lying around? Isn’t it quite frustrating and stressful? Throwing things out can be the hardest yet most pleasurable experiences when organizing and decluttering. Make it a point to only keep tools and materials that add significant function and depth in your work life. From trashing comes clarity, as categorization becomes easier. And plus, who does not want more space?

Check out Craig Jarrow’s “10 Things on Your Desk You Should Throw Away” for actual things to toss out in the office trash.


Boost Discipline 

Make it a Habit

According to Denver Post’s “The Psychology of Clutter”: “On a daily basis, professional organizers suggest clients make simple, positive habit changes — such as washing and stowing dishes immediately after use and making beds each morning to establish a foundation for an organized, healthy, effective life.” (Denver Post 2018) Similar in the office setting, keeping your space a sanctuary is a choice, a habit that creates an important foundation in your professional life. It calls for discipline and actual control to be able to sustain a neat and pretty desk space that you finish tasks on all-year round.


These three key benefits can most definitely apply to online decluttering as well through desktop cleaning, file classification and whatnot. Wait for my next blog post for more on online decluttering and categorization! Basically, the catharsis of it all is this: while organizing is a way to make things neat, categorizing boosts everything else in between. By learning the art of coordination, lady bosses like us can buy more time by finding things faster and doing things more efficiently thanks to categorization. Always remember- organize to optimize your life.

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