Coral Pink for Office Desk Color

Selecting the right color palette before any workspace makeover is oftentimes deemed unnecessary. When it comes to an office, we always think first that ergonomics equals efficiency equals productivity. That is true and as an Industrial Engineer myself, I am all about efficiency. The big BUT here is that the colors you see around the office affect you in a much more significant way than you think.

I recommend deciding on the color palette early on so that picking up the organizers, accessories and artwork for your desk will be easier. There are a ton of colors to choose from. If you work long hours in your office, I recommend incorporating greens. It prevents eye fatigue and is a very soothing color. 

You might be wondering why in the world I am talking about efficiency, productivity and psychology of color when I was clear in the title that this will be about my desk styling set that is in coral pink. Well, it is because if we break down this color, it actually makes sense for it to be used for both productivity and creativity. Coral pink in the CMYK color model is half and half magenta and yellow while in the RGB color model it is mostly red. 

What coral pink consists of

Guess what? Red is the color of vigor and action while yellow is the color of enthusiasm and creativity. Talk about sweet spot ya'll.

Ok, so I went to all that spiel just to give you a good reason for the first desk styling set I will feature here. This set consists of coral pink, salmon pink, beige and rose gold. Enjoy! 

Desk organizer and accessories set

Desk organizer and accessories set rose gold

Rose gold desk organizer and accessories set

I usually sell the items I used for my shoot in eBay. Comment below or send me an email if you are interested.


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