Home Office Design Transformation: A 4-Point Agenda

Be creative in transforming your home office into your own dream sanctuary that will make you feel calm and organized, enhancing your work productivity for the long hours.


Starting Point: Your Office Interior Styling—Room Design Scheme and Mood Board

Remember that simplicity is fundamental when you organize workspace so look for a well- coordinated scheme that epitomizes your personality and narrates the concept of your work. Researching and brainstorming about your personal mood board will help you create the best design which completely represents yourself. Consider the proper use of color because it can have a positive or negative effect on your desire to spend time in your home office and can even hinder your work efficiency. Be attentive to your personal color needs.


Basic Point: The Office Core System—Selecting the Right Desk and Chair

Aside from selecting based from aesthetic appeal and functionality of the desk and chair, consider the type of work you will be doing: an enormous space for your project or a minimal space just enough for your digital essentials. It is best to buy low-cost desks and workstations or use borrowed furniture in short-terms, but not compromising the quality, from second-hand shops that provide writing tables and other office furniture. Assure that both the seat and its back padding are comfortable. Does it have an adjustable height and tilt option? Remember that comfort and ergonomics are life-saving factors that certainly aid your sitting posture during the workday. See if there’s enough space about 39 in (1 m) when pulling out your office chair. Check the height of the arm rests if they don’t get away when you try to pull it up close to the desk. When overcoming work fatigue, obtain some extra chairs or modern sofas for you to relax. If you have limited space to entertain clients and meetings with co-worker, folding chairs are inexpensive yet convenient pieces that can be easily use and store.


Creative Point: The Office Aesthetic Side—Choosing Desk Accessories, Home Office Decors and Supplies

A good light is important to improve concentration. Choose a light fixture that is not just stylish and sleek but has a very clear, LED lighting which reduces eye strain and prevents headaches. Ignite your enthusiasm and creativity or motivate yourself to get your work done quickly by including some framed artwork, inspirational photographs, and greenery, giving life into your workspace. The home decor should be necessary, functional, or pleasurable. Marie Kondo, author of the book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, developed the “KonMari” method, her life philosophy of gathering everything you own by category and keeping only those things that “spark joy” within you while filtering out the clutter in your life with professionalism—both physically and mentally. To enhance the impression of a workspace, acquire a set of desktop items that harmonizes with each other. Look for brilliant and sophisticated accessories that bring cheerful ambiance without exaggeration. Choose items and office supplies that will fit on a shelf near the desk or hang on the wall. Use your imagination by recycling and revamping things into state-of-the-art pieces.


Storing Point: The Office Organization—Arranging and Keeping Work Essentials Orderly

A cabinet space and filing system is vital so you can find everything fast. Masahiro Harada, an architect and designer of Mount Fuji Architects Studio, holds a design concept for his home called “Peach Skin” which means “everything you hold near your eyes has much clearer resolution, like a peach skin. You fail to identify the details when you view big things from a distance.” His office has everything within touching distance, a practical thing that reminds us of the value of proximity and quick-access storage. Therefore, have file organizer near at hand to store items upon accomplishing them.

Be resourceful and choose multi-purpose materials, utilizing space as efficiently as possible. Additionally, try going wireless into your home which will help clearing up and simplifying your setup. Consider your specialist storage needs and make provisions accordingly. In conclusion, investing your time and incorporating the aforementioned elements will greatly assist in creating a space that proves to be meaningful and enjoyable to your life. Realize these solutions and change your home office into a wonderful haven.

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