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                 Minimalism emerged during the 20thcentury and adopts ‘less is more’ from Japanese interior design wherein functionality and necessity are core principles. Aside from traditional Japanese design, it was also influenced by architects Van Der Roche and the De Stijl art movement. Doing more with less and carefully selected items that work well and complement one another without the need for fancy elements.


            Minimalism is not simply an aesthetic choice. It is a lifestyle that helps drive productivity and increases your performance by making your work life simpler and easier. According to a study, a cluttered or messy workspace causes stress and may lead to depression and anxiety. It also inhibits creativity and productivity. This proves that your environment plays a big role in your emotional and psychological well-being, so adopting the principles of minimalism will actually boost your mood and help you stay on top of your game.


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            Take a quick look at your workspace, your cubicle or even your desktop. Do you need everything that you just saw? Honestly, you don’t. I’m sure that you have a lot of things lying around which needs to be thrown away. The hardest part of getting rid of these things is if you are a sentimental person who keeps way too many material possessions. However, first things first, you have to keep a minimalist mindset by letting go of everything that you need to get rid of. By the end of the whole decluttering session, you will thank yourself for a brand new, clean, minimalist office that will keep you inspired and motivated to work in.


            In my case, I switched to a minimalist yet stylish desk right when I started to realize that my workspace was getting full of things, untidy and messy. And mind you, they were things that I didn’t really need such as files from my past projects, supplies that I haven’t used for a while, planners from the past years that I’ve been keeping in boxes, and a lot more. It was crazy! At first, I didn’t want to throw anything. However, I’d often lose some of my important files in the middle of the mess and it added more stress to my daily work life. It took me a while before I finally freed myself from the clutter that held me hostage. Letting go was difficult but acceptance was the key. I’m telling you, it’s all for the better. So here I am, sharing with you five simple steps to nail your own minimalist office space.


As what Marie Kondo said in “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, “We should be choosing what we want to keep, not what we want to get rid of.” Go over your desk, your shelves, your cabinets and identify the things that you are currently using at work, the things that you are not using, and the things that you might be using in the future. Sort them out by keeping everything you still need and those that you might be using in the future. As for the rest, put them away in a large box for disposal. Here’s my tip: As you are decluttering, I’m sure that you will be distracted once you find something that will make you fondly recall memories. Once this happens, set aside your emotions and focus on the real work. Remember that you have a task to finish and everything that needs to be thrown has to be thrown away right now.


Now that your space is free from clutter, organize what’s left. Sort everything out and keep away files, materials and knick-knacks lying around. Those that you need all the time, you can organize them in this organizer. Most of the time, we are inundated with magazines, notebooks and other stuff that we fancy however, they are completely unnecessary. Most of them are unwanted distraction that disrupt our productivity. Fine, let’s say that you might use some of them on special occasions. The best thing to do with these is to put them in boxes and keep them inside a storage room. Meanwhile, the remaining files and materials left should be all that you need as of the moment. The best way to stack printed files nicely on your desk is by using a rose gold paper tray from Dress My Desk.


Your computer’s desktop is probably one of the messiest areas of your workspace. How often do you take time to organize your files? Do you save them on the right folders where they belong? I used to have this habit of saving my active work files on my desktop so that I can easily find them. This is where my unfinished Photoshop files, Powerpoint presentations, Excel files and random screenshots are dumped too. The result? An influx of desktop clutter that I dread to see every time I open my computer. If you have this annoying habit too, then this is the best time to go over your desktop, double check every single file and decide which ones will make it to the trash. And in the future, once you create new files, save them on the correct folder right away to save time in decluttering.


A work place doesn’t need to be boring. Add a hint of your personality and make your desk look stylish and cohesive by choosing a theme that best describes you. Pick a color for your desk essentials, organizers and stationery. This is your chance to give your workspace a revamp! A newly-designed work area with fabulous desk items to go along with it stimulates your mind to think freely and encourages productivity. Decorate your desk neatly and invest in supplies that will help you get rid of additional clutter. Desk organizers with clean lines like this would be perfect both men and women. You will definitely nail that minimalist look.


Now that you’re done with the whole decluttering session and workspace revamp, make sure to keep it tidy by decluttering regularly. It may take effort to do this every now and then. However, such method is useful not only in your working space, but it also transforms your attitude towards material possessions. Also, if you want to show everybody that you’re progressive and well-organized in your life and business, you have to make your workspace clean and free from clutter.


Your office is not simply a workspace. It is a sanctuary wherein your creative ideas are conceived. By adopting these tips to transform it into a minimalist workspace, for sure your days will be brighter, productive and stress-free.

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