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Life can be pretty stressful nowadays especially that the holiday season has officially started. With a long list of festivities coming, my planner’s calendar portion has been filled up not just with meetings but also with parties to attend and gatherings with friends. Not only that, I am also rushing off my feet, trying to get everything done in the office before people go on their holiday vacations.

While I enjoy dressing up my desk, like most girls I also enjoy dressing up myself. It is important to get dressed properly in the office in order to exude an aura of confidence and style. The way we dress up determines how a person will perceive us, may it be in a professional and crisp blazer, a light and casual shirt and jeans combo or a pretty lacy frock. There is just something amazing once a person comes in and slays. However, given our busy schedule, planning an entire outfit can take much time which could have been spent productively while ticking items off our checklist.

Don’t worry though, I am sharing with you secrets of how I plan my outfits for the week so that you, too, can ace your last days of the year! All you just need to do is plan everything ahead to avoid staring at your closet and fretting about what to wear. Believe me, this is exactly what I’m doing every Sunday night! It will take a bit of time from your happy weekend, for sure, but it will guarantee you to look fabulous and stylish at the same time.

Here are tips to help you take away the stress while getting dressed:

Look at your calendar for the coming week.

Knowing what to do and where you’re headed to is the first time in figuring out what to wear. Do you have any upcoming events, meetings or are you going to spend the rest of your day in the office clearing up backlogs or perhaps meeting deadlines? Whatever your activity for the day is, use it as a starting point to determine your outfit. For instance, if you have a lunch event and then a dinner date after work, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re wearing a dressy outfit or perhaps something that you can easily take from day to night. Take note also of other activities that you have for the rest of the week and then adjust accordingly.

Check the weather.

Since you are planning ahead of time and you want to be sure that you will not get too cold neither feel too warm with what you’re wearing, checking the weather is as important as taking a look at your calendar of events. By watching the weather forecast or simply checking through your phone’s weather app, you can easily start off with your outfit ideas. Skirts and dresses are ideal for sunny days while pants and jackets are reserved to keep you warm during cold days. Consider the type of shoes to wear too. You can sport an open toe heels if you want but on rainy days, you have no choice but to stick to that stylish patent boots.

I live in Florida. The rest of US always thinks we are enjoying consistent sunny weather while everyone else up north is freezing to death. But you know what, we do have season changes and weather changes that are too crazy. When I say crazy it means if 15 minutes ago it is very sunny, well now look at me running to my car because its raining cats and dogs. Oh and by the way the forecast said it will be so sunny that there should not be a drop of rain. Thanks weather man, thanks! If you experience this uncertainty in your area then ALWAYS leave a coat in your office and in your car. Use neutral colored ones so its easy to pair it with anything you are wearing.

Determine your baseline.

Figure out what’s a non-negotiable for you throughout the day and plan your outfit from there. It should be a no-brainer. For example, footwear may seem trivial because people don’t usually look down at your shoes but for me, it’s important. It makes or breaks an outfit. It has to be clean and stylish, while at the same time, comfortable enough to prevent blisters or numb toes. I should last the whole day comfortably wearing it.

What are you going to bring on that day?

Pockets and bags are as important as your clothes, shoes and accessories. They do not only accentuate but also carry the necessary items that you need to ace that presentation or help you last through the day. May it be your laptop, phone, your wallet your lipstick or face powder, it has to have a storage space. Not having a place for these essential items can be distracting and you’re at risk of losing these essentials. The easiest way to avoid this mishap is by providing a space where you can safely keep them. Therefore, it is necessary to consider pockets or bags in planning your looks every day. Take a look at this rose gold laptop sleeve and accessory holder that does not compromise style over function. 

Use fashion apps.

Since most of the time you’re on your phone, why not maximize the use of technology to plan and organize your outfits for the week? There are virtual apps available for download in the Google Play Store or App Store such as StylebookCloset, LiketoKnow.itGlam Outfit and Pureple.  All you have to do is take individual photos of your clothes, shoes and accessories, and then upload it in the app. You can also use their built-in features to mix and match outfits then schedule them in a calendar. And because it’s on your phone, you can totally plan your outfits anytime, anywhere! Check out the infographic with details on each fashion apps that will elevate the state of your wardrobe.


Use a wardrobe capsule bingo.

Here is the common misconception with dressing up- You have to buy a lot of clothes for a wardrobe makeover. Nope! Nada! You do not have to. You know how many pieces it takes for a full wardrobe makeover that can last a whole month of business casual style? 25. That includes the shoes and scarf already. You can use this wardrobe capsule bingo I created to check if you covered the basics for a minimalist wardrobe. If you have something in your closet that corresponds to each item in the boxes then bingo - your all set. You just have to mix and match what you have and that should be good to go for your work outfits. Sometimes its having too many options that overwhelms us. Planning your outfits for the day won't take too much of your time if you limit it to 25 pieces of options for the month. When another month comes, you can switch out which clothing you own correspond to the grid items. And of course, the best tool to use in marking this fashion bingo card is this chic rose gold slim pen from  Miss Greene Luxe Desk Essential.



The holidays is the most wonderful time of the year but also the most stressful. That’s why, we need all the help that we can get to make our everyday efficient and hassle-free. This is when we can’t afford to waste any more time on something as trivial as planning an outfit. So now, with all of these wardrobe planning tips that you learned, you can confidently press that snooze button because for sure you will still look great at work and your holiday parties!


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