Smart Tips in Space Planning for Home Office


Working at your home office instead of a standard size cubicle like everyone else in the floor has a lot of good things about it. No commute, no traffic, no pressure on what to wear and no early morning food prep for packed lunches. There is also the freedom to personalize your entire working space according to your needs and style preference.

Having a spacious, convenient, and organized home office optimizes your work performance. To maximize each corner of your home office, space planning is important. It is not rocket science but if you nail it right the first time, you would not have to move heavy desks and shelves from one side to another after you realize you are not optimizing the space you have. So, if you want to achieve a great working space, consider these smart tips on space planning for home office.home-office-decor


Look for a good space to set up your home office

When setting up your home office, the first thing you need to consider is where your home office should be located. It can be on a spare room in the house or it may also be just a designated area in your bedroom, kitchen or the living room. Whether it is a stand-alone room or a small corner in your studio type apartment, space planning for your home office is essential.

Determine the space for your home office

Determining the amount of space you will have for your home office is also integral in choosing the furniture and equipment you will be incorporating in your working space. Will you need a table for a desktop? Or you require some mobility therefore you need a laptop instead? Will you be utilizing a printer? How often do you use the printer with your kind of work? Where are the strong and weak wifi spots?

Carefully plan the arrangement of your furniture

Another important aspect in space planning for home office is the arrangement of the furniture and equipment gearing towards increased effectiveness and efficiency. Where you place your desk and chair is just as important as how you would want to go about your daily routine. You might want to position your work table facing the window so you could have a relaxing view if you need to look away from your task for a little bit. If you’re one that’s easily distracted, you can station your desk facing away from the window or on far end corner of the room to allow focus and concentration.

Organize your items using organizers and storage

Another thing to consider is how you would store your supplies, files and other essentials. Being organized will give your working space a minimalistic vibe allowing it to appear more spacious and relaxing. Also, choose office storage and desk organizers that are chic and stylish and would blend in with the type of personality you would want to show in your working space.

Additionally, keep your wires tamed and tangle-free. With the advent of technology, there are more wires than it used to be in offices and your home office is no exception. Hence, make sure to keep the wires neatly kept.

Lighting is everything

Good lighting and ventilation is also very important in keeping you focused while working at home. You should select the appropriate kind of lighting for your eyes. Too bright, you will strain your eyes easily. Too dim, there is a high possibility you’ll doze off while working. Aside from ceiling lights, make sure you desktop lights or table lamps too.


Painting the wall with light colors will also help lighten up the room. You might also want to make sure there is enough airflow within the home office space. Focus improves when there is a steady breeze flowing in the room.

Add designs that would improve your mood and confidence

Personalize your home office space by adding inspirational paintings or quotes on your walls. You can also add stylish desk accessories and indoor plants. Be careful though not to overdo it and end up lacking work space in your station. You would want to avoid a cluttered look in your home office.


Space planning a home office can make or break your success in working at home. It can be tedious and requires time and careful consideration of several factors. But if mindfully done, it can give you a number of long-term gain.

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