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I literally run on iOS apps. My phone has more memory allotted to applications than photos and videos. I have apps for every facet of my life: business, schoolwork, homemaking and socializing with friends.

 The digital world has a cornucopia overflowing with apps and I have chosen ten of the best productivity apps to help you be on the top of your game always.

Brain FM
Can’t concentrate because of the little noises all around you? Need music to help zone everything out? Brain FM is the app you need. This app pairs the wonders of artificial intelligence with the genius of a collective of scientists to give you the music that will help you become your productive self. You can choose from three modes: focus, relax or sleep. Soon, you’ll be powering through your work faster than ever before. Thank you, science!


This app is a visual encouragement to stay focused at work, study or socializing. Virtual trees on your phone will grow when you’re not using it for other things. Switch away from the app while a tree is growing, and it’ll wither. The best part is that the Forest team partners with a real-tree-planting organization, Trees for the Future, to plant real trees on the earth. When users spend virtual coins they earn in Forest on planting real trees, Forest team creates orders of planting.

 Evernote + Scannable

Evernote and Scannable (also by Evernote) can be downloaded separately or together. Both are must-have apps for anyone serious about getting and staying organized.

Evernote works as a digital notebook. You heard that right! It’s a notebook, on a smartphone. You can fill out multiple notebooks with its own set of pages. You can also tag those pages, to help you keep tabs if you’re an avid note-taker.

As for Scannable, this app is a scanner that you can take on-the-go. Simply hover your mobile or tablet over a piece of paper, and it can scan the paper and turn it into a PDF or image. Share it, save it, or send it – you name it! It’s that easy.

The time where you need to move from website to website to check a bunch of pages to discover the latest articles is long gone. Feedly is the app made to do the browsing and checking, just for you. This app uses RSS technology to download a list of unread articles from any blog or website you choose. It keeps you up to date on your reading and saves you a heck of a time so you’ll never have to browse for hours to check if you’ve missed an article. Not only can this app track all the pages you want, you can read it directly in Feedly, save them for later or open them in their original locations.

A mind full of ideas can sometimes make you unproductive – especially when you just can’t figure out how to put them all together. MindMeister’s mind maps can help make that easier. Just double-click anywhere on its canvas to add a new idea and list all your ideas while adding as many solutions or sub ideas as you want.

You can also group similar ideas together, link related concepts to each other and before long, you’ll have a detailed map that traces everything back to a central topic! Mind maps are a great way to sketch your ideas and figure things out on paper and with MindMeister, you can take your ideas anywhere and turn your finished ideas into action plans. This app is free for up to 3 mind maps and $4.99/month for a personal plan with unlimited mind maps. Cool beans, am I right?

Okay, lets get real for a second. Do you really enjoy switching from tab to tab, program to tab, email to tab — just to work through everything? The plethora of tabs growing at an exponential rate on your browser and that ten active apps should be ditched. Notion is your wish come true -- the project management application of your dreams.
This app combines the functionality of all your favorite widgets and tools in one place. This is the ideal app for someone who is tired of constantly switching between five programs just to complete one task. The age of the all-in-one workspace has arrived!


Still feeling elusive over productivity apps? Fret not, 'cause this digital notebook will change your mind. And your life. It actually changed mine!

OneNote promotes itself as free-form notes  -- just start a note, drawn or typed, anywhere on the page and format it however you like. You can make bulleted or numbered lists, format your font type, size and color, add images and drawings or add pre-configured reminders that are easy to spot -- so you’ll always find your notes right where you left them. With OneNote across all devices, you’ll never ever miss the analog world. I have embraced this app myself for work and for personal notes. I actually developed templates that makes my note taking fun and less formal. For the freebie for this page, I am sharing a general version of this Onenote template. Download below.

Planner Onenote template


Simple Habit
Studies have proven that meditation can make you more productive. Its true! You can read on it here and here! So, if you’re not already incorporating daily meditation into your schedule, the Simple Habit app is a great way to start. You can sign up for a premium subscription and gain access to meditations for every aspect of daily life: commuting, working, sleeping. But if you don’t want to cough up some cash, non-paying users can access meditation timers and a seven-day beginner course. Namaste your way in!

If you’re a fan of list making, then this app is made just for you. Todoist, much like how it sounds, is a versatile, nifty and aesthetically pleasing to-do-list for the things you need to accomplish. It has a clean, basic interface (no distracting backgrounds!) so you can focus on the important tasks for the day. There’s also this nifty option where you can create projects and sub-projects and add in your selected tags and filters. Just do quick search and you can grab those five-minute tasks without having to browse through everything. Other handy features are recurring tasks, priority flags and more.

Distraction is the main culprit behind unproductiveness. Whether it’s the sound your smartphone makes when an email arrives. Or the blinking light notification on your phone you keep on ignoring but simply cannot. Both are a few seconds of distraction us girlbosses simply can’t afford. Those extra seconds might be dismissible but it certainly can cause you to lose focus completely. That’s where Unroll.Me comes to the rescue. Unroll.Me goes through your inbox, collates your subscription emails and helps you unsubscribe from the emails you no longer need. The emails you like are then collected into one easy daily digest email. No more distracting notifications for you!

Try one or two (or all) these apps and watch how it can boost your productivity through your week. As a bonus, we’re giving away FREE weekly planner printable that you can post on your desk or work space or give away to your girl boss friends so you can collate and track your progress together! Let’s get our chill on and smash those goals away!

Weekly Planner - Floral

Weekly Planner- Rose Gold

Weekly Planner- Streaks

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