Splurge VS Steal: Desk Accessories for Inspired Workspaces


I started this beautiful chaos I call Dress My Desk because I was convinced that I do not need designer brands in glamming up my workspace. Don't get me wrong, I am a big Kate Spade stationery fan. My hubby knows that well and that is why he got his gift giving game on point these past few years. To make everything gorgeously matching in your desk though would require you to shell out between $200-$300. Not for me and especially not for Dress My Desk product offering.

For those people who wanted to be more inspired and organized while working or who are fond of desk accessories but in a tight budget, here are some cool and unique pieces to add into your cubicle or home office along with their trendy but high-end counterparts. Take a look below and see if you want to splurge or save for your office interior styling.

This acrylic tackle box from Kate Spade looks chic and classy to incorporate elegance for your desk space while maintaining the order of your work materials and supplies which costs $ 38. But to save more and spend less, Dress My Desk Mint and Pink Stationery Kit with 16 Items is a much better option—a charming kit which is perfect for multi-purpose use.

To add a spice of glam and touch of luxury in your area while organizing several files, here’s a splurge item of Kate Spade Strike Gold Stapler that has a price tag of $ 28 while you can also get this kind of style for a much cheaper price like Dress My Desk Pink Gold Stapler that costs only $ 19.

In filing your documents, notebooks or letters, this splendid letter sorter from Anthropologie is a great product to style up your desk space, giving a polished appeal to your overall desk space. Well, you can get a much sophisticated letter sorter which is less than $ 20 from Anthropologie with Dress My Desk Triangle Metal Book Stand that features a geometric pattern-like stand, strengthening the aesthetic appearance of your working area.

For your storage or shelving needs that will complement to your contemporary office interior style, this shelving unit from Anthropologie is a wonderful item yet it costs 6 times compared to this quirky and vintage metal storage shelf by Dress My Desk which resembles the shape of a house.

If you want a desk accessory which is way different from others, you can splurge with this monitor riser from Poppin but to stay yourself in a budget, just get this product from Dress My Desk which is a multi-functional desk organizer to maximize small spaces while keeping your other office supplies such as clips, sticky notes and many more within reach.

Of course, having a pencil case is a basic and top essential while working.  Kate Spade offers an all-in-one pencil case which includes pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser and ruler. But for practicality with a sense of “kawaii” or cuteness, you can get a beautifully designed pastel canvas pencil case in just $ 9. It’s not an all-in-one item but you can customize your things according to your personal taste.

After acquiring your chosen desk essentials and accessories, better remind yourself in considering your desktop to be free to use as a work surface, not as a substitute for a storage cabinet. According to the book, “Smart Office Organizing” by Sandra Felton and Marsha Sims: “Neatness is often listed as a criterion for judging the quality of an employee’s work on standard job performance evaluations.” While Barbara Hemphill said that “clutter is simply postponed decisions”. Thus, to avoid living in a chaos of working environment, you should create some more space for important things such as catalogs, journals and other items with blending attractive and creative desk accessories, office supplies and organizers.

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