The Never Boring List of Holiday Potluck Ideas


A sure hit during the holidays is the classic potluck. The earliest known history of this traditional gathering was in the 16th century when writer Thomas Nashe described “potluck” as "food provided for an unexpected or uninvited guest, the luck of the pot." The Depression in the 1930s redefined this with "communal meal, where guests bring their own food." To put it simply, a potluck is a gathering where each guest bring dishes and drinks to share. It is communal, dynamic and fun.

The potluck has indeed evolved into a tradition among friends and families even in the 21st century. Today, there are so many options and so many fun ideas and themes to choose from. The holidays are coming up and planning the perfect potluck is not just a must but an expectation. How do we start planning the perfect holiday potluck? Be the life of the party and the crowd-favorite with these never-boring list of Holiday Potluck Ideas:


  1. Never go wrong with an All-American Potluck

It’s back to basics with this one! Mini cheese burger sliders, creamy mac n’ cheese, and classic potato salad will make any guest salivate. That’s the beauty of American cuisine- it’s rich, tasty and filling. It would definitely not disappoint! 

  1. Capture hearts and stomachs with Classic Family Favorites

Let’s be honest- grandma’s signature apple pie and mom’s lasagna will never go out of style. Try and recreate your favorite dishes from home- everybody will love you for it! Comfort food will always be a crowd and a heart pleaser.

  1. Entertain your loved ones with Movie-themed Dishes

Don’t iconic food from movies always make you wonder “how’d that taste like?”. Recreating some of the recipes seen in famous films will not just make stomachs growl but start a fun conversation! Chef’s Aglio Olio, Ratatouille’s Ratatouille and Julie and Julia’s Beef Burguignon are just three famous recipes you can share with your loved ones. You can even sneak in some of Elf’s popular Candy and Pop Tart Spaghetti by Buddy the Elf just for laughs and giggles.

  1. Excite guests with bold Asian Flavors

The food scene is evolving and so are your potluck options! Asian flavors offer spices that tastes so good that will surely have friends and family asking for more. Options vary from Southeast Asian cuisine such as Thai, Indonesian and Filipino food, East Asian like Chinese, Japanese and Korean and food which all add unique flavors to a potluck! Try cooking some Asian-inspired finger food to start.

  1. Go a lil’ artsy with an epic meat and cheese spread or the “Charcuterie Board”

Planning a nice gathering with some friends? Assemble a decadent meat and cheese spread also known as the Charcuterie Board to present to your loved ones. It’s easy to do and it looks so beautiful! Don’t forget to bring wine to perfectly complement the spread.

Italian food

  1. Show some culinary chops with some freshly-made Italian Food

There is nobody in this world who hates pasta, or pizza. Alright- maybe some, but you get the point! Go beyond the traditional potluck setting and put on a show by making fresh pasta and pizza for your family and friends.

  1. Busy-bee? No problem with these two, three-ingredient crowd-favorites

Isn’t it satisfying when the dish your prepared is the first to go during a potluck dinner? You’ll be surprised that the simplest recipes get the most attention during a gathering. Try bringing some bacon-wrapped jalapeños, mozzarella sticks and mini sausage rolls- it will be gone before you know it.


There are a thousand and one more ideas to ace the holiday potluck. But always remember that the best thing about having this type of gathering is the communal aspect of it. Stories and memories stem from these occasions that truly bring out the best in relationships! Food will always bring people together. To be able to share recipes, try new dishes and simply taste different flavors is truly an intimate experience that should be shared with people you love and cherish. Make sure to plot your to-do lists and schedules well to ensure a smooth process when planning for a potluck during the busy holiday season. Have fun and enjoy your future potlucks!


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