Top 5 No-Fail Styles for your Home Office


Knowing what your style is like buying a compass. It will guide you where to bring your design and decoration pursuits for your home office. While it feels awesome to get deals and major savings on clearance items of Home Goods, Hobby Lobby or Target, if the item is not in sync to your personal style then that brings you mediocre design outputs.

Your home office is where you produce your best work, it's only right that you customize it to your personal liking. Having a work space that is stylish and comfortable can inspire you to work more efficiently. Every girl boss has their own home office style. Exploring which style or combination of styles suit you best can help you reach your desk goals.

For desk styling, there is no need to complicate things. I recommend picking one out of the five singular styles first. When you feel at some point that you want to experiment then you can throw in a complementary style for a power combo that would be more accurate to your style. Let us dig in to the five no fail desk styles.


Through the years, I admit that my style evolved to lean on modern glam. Blame the Kardashian foyer and Kris Jenner's home office! Or maybe the clan's interior designer that made black, white and green palette a standard in Hollywood glam nowadays. So having said that, if you like your workstation to display a pretty and flashy visual then it is a good idea to choose glamorous decor. The ideal set up would be a mirrored desk with rose gold, gold or silver accents. Colors like light gray and white can be paired with bold pops of color. You can optimize storage for office supplies in metal gilded or sequined desk organizers. At the same time, you can use your fuzzy throw blanket and glittery décor right where you are most productive in the day. Play with color pallets that complements metallic texture.  The workstation can consist of a laptop, mirror and acrylic desk accessories with appealing designs like chevron and polka dots or marble with gold hardware. If you want to make a statement, feel glamorous while getting work done, then a glam workplace is the best option.


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Rustic look comes with wood and metal elements which consist of dark colors and neutral tones. If you are not a big fan of colorful work areas then a rustic design is a good route. It embodies a simple life which is why it is also closely associated to Joanna Gaine's farmhouse style. Dark toned chrome touches on desk organizers are ideal for people who have a rustic sense of style. Also, hints of industrial touches like a distressed office chair and a desk lamp that is dark metal spells rustic all over. Furniture used are usually aged with beautiful patina or distressed chalk paint. Some girls find office decor like wildflowers in metal vases, small wood photo frames, and wood desk accessories perfect for their desk. Wire baskets and wire desk organizers are storage options for a rustic desk style.



Vintage or global decor with layers of colors and different textures is what eclectic style stands for. Absolutely no rules on this one if you pick it as your desk style. Adding a shag area rug can give your workstation a colorful and old school vibe. If you can appreciate things like zany stress balls and quirky desk accessories then eclectic may be your style. A cozy chair with a blanket is a good way to make your desk more comfortable. If you want to give your office a more vintage vibe, thrift shops have decor that you cannot find anywhere else. A girl who wants a unique work desk that is truly one of a kind should have an eclectic design.



If you all you could think of right now after reading the first three styles is- I just want my writing desk clean and organized and I do not care about pops of color and texture or whatever- clearly you are a minimalist. Simple, organized desk that always looks clean and modern with solely the things you need to work makes you happy.  Minimalist desk accessories are limited but the décor is usually black, white and/or gray with minimal to none for accents and pops of color. White is always a good color for a minimalist work desk. Shelves and pegboards can optimize space to keep your desk looking stylish and clean. Keeping textures smooth can add to a minimalist look. This style is for any girl who likes a work area free of clutter.


If you are going for a professional vibe with no fuss and something that any person can relate to with your work space, you should go for a traditional desk design. It can be easily attained as you can find traditional furniture, stationery and office supplies in any major retailer. Monochrome or wood desk organizers and filing cabinets are essential for a traditional office. A calendar and planner with finishes that generic are expected with this design. A classic black leather rolling chair is a good addition to a traditional office. Desk accessories include clocks and picture frames with textures that are safe to blend with any office fixture. You can always twist things a bit if you lend a couple of pieces from the other styles.

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