Trending Color Palettes for Home Office

You could be working in your home office for various reasons. You could be finishing up pending work or your home office is really your designated workplace. If your office's current color palette leaves you feeling uninspired, simply continue reading to discover 5 trending fun color palettes which will help you create awesome office transformations and achieve your desk goals.
1. Gold, Black, White
If your office currently boasts a chic black and white aesthetic and you're looking for a simple way to take your office decor to the next level, simply pair your existing black and white pieces of furniture with eye catching gold accents and desk accessories. As an example, you'll be able to achieve your desk goals by placing a gold desk organizer, gold gilded storage boxes, gold trinket tray or gold picture frame on your desk. This color combo is perfect for to add glam and sophistication to your workspace.
2. Rose Gold, Blush Pink, Grey
If you'd like your home office to exude femininity, you may want to consider decorating a predominantly grey office furniture with blush pink and rose gold decorations. As an example, you'll be able to soften up your office by placing a blush pink wall art and a blush pink pillow while you'll be able to glam up your desk with rose gold stationery, which screams girl boss.

3. Yellow, Grey, Brown
If you'd love to transform your office into a cheerful environment, which puts a smile on your face, and you're a fan of bright, bold colors, simply decorate a muted grey and brown office with bright yellow pieces of furniture. As an example, you may want to switch out your neutral colored office chair for a bold yellow office chair. You can go all out creative with a wall mural of sunflowers. There will never be a boring day in your office with that. Choose bamboo or wood desk organizers to complement well this color palette.
4. Navy Blue, Gold, Hot Pink
If you have your sights set on giving your office a fun makeover, it's also worth considering opting for navy blue furniture over the usual black or white furniture and spray painting your desk and chair legs with gold spray paint. To add a bit of attitude to your new office, consider painting one of your office walls with a girly hot pink office paint. Choose acrylic desk organizers with gold metal hardware for a winner home office that instills sense of power and confidence.
5. Sage green, Salmon Pink, Beige
Alternatively, if you're working long hours but still keen on inciting desk envy, express your individuality by opting for beige colored furniture and placing sage green decorations such as a sage green desk organizer and a sage green clock on your work desk. Green is always a good choice for a natural and peaceful aura in the room that avoids eye strain for working long hours. In order to brighten up your office a little bit, simply repaint your office walls with a salmon pink office paint. This color palette is actually very friendly with a lot of textures. Rose gold wire desk organizers will go well with this color palette.
No matter which color palette you use to transform your office, you'll be sure to achieve your desk goals if you pair it with the right desk organizers and accessories!

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