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What to give my OCD friend

Monica Geller is one of the most iconic characters in television who entertained us with her unforgettable high-pitched “I KNOW!”, her incredible competitive spirit and her fun OCD punchlines. From vacuum cleaning a vacuum cleaner to having 11 towel categories, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S ultimate #mom never failed to get things her way!

 dress my desk

All of us have a Monica in our lives whether we like it or not- could be the sister, brother, a friend or even the boss. The holidays are coming up and you don’t want your gifts to be a cause for mess which is big NO-NO for OCD friends! If you are ever wondering what to give the Monica Geller of your life, don’t think too far out-it’s easy. Make her heart flutter by providing more of what she loves- organizing and cleaning! As everyday stressors haunt the Monica of your life more than anyone else, here are possible things that you can gift your OCD friend for the holidays according to their personality: 

  1. They keep track of everything and anything.

One of the most common personality traits of your OCD friend is their obsession of order from their environment down to their personal and professional lives. Just think of their schedules; it must be so detailed and specific! Giving them a functional yet stylish journal to write their thoughts, notes and to-do’s can definitely make their laser-focused minds less stressed. Stationaries, office gift kits with a trusty clipboard are other gift ideas that can help your friend keep track of everything and anything! They will thank you for further making their schedules more organized and at the same time pretty to look at. Who doesn’t want pretty things that are functional af?


  1. Coordination is key to happiness.

Remember that color-coordinated clothes with matching hangers in closets, perfectly aligned pens and organized books that all look so satisfying are just the daily view of your friend. They are the perfect receivers of themed and color-coordinated desk and office sets may it be marble, rose gold, gold and minimalist! Having their daily necessities such as staplers, paper clips and organizers, coordinated will make them sigh with satisfaction. They’d thank you for not giving them some lame ‘ol decor that looks too out of place and way different from their actual taste.


  1. Labels are actually demanded

Ever seen Khloe Kardashian’s pantry filled with containers labelled to perfection (Hello, KHLO-CD)? That’s basically all of our OCD friends when the groceries have arrived. Giving your friends label makers, sticky notes and tapes will make their labelling dreams even better. The best part is? Even DressMyDesk’s sticky notes and tapes are coordinated to perfection. Just look at the multiple sets from marble to rose-gold!  


  1. Everything has its place and space.

Clutter? We don’t know her.  The KonMari (Marie Kondo’s famous decluttering method)? We love her. Remember when Monica made a fuss because her ribbon drawers might get replaced with baby stuff? That’s all of our OCD friends. Make sure that they are loaded with organizers that keep every item in place. It is the the gift all Monicas love to hoard and use. Modern multifunctional storage desks are space savers that can not only keep things orderly, you can even tuck a keyboard under it and easily reach clips and sticky notes. Paper trays, pen holders and tape dispensers are also gift ideas that will keep your friend’s supplies in the right container.


In contrary to the belief that cleaning obsessively causes anxiety, exposing oneself in a clean environment is linked to positivity, even empowerment. Our OCD friends are a blessing that deserves appreciation and happiness as they constantly make things orderly (hence, positivity) not just for themselves but for everyone around them. And their happiness takes the form of a squeaky-clean apartment with organizers and coordination all year-round. Make sure you read and re-read this blog article, and buy things according to your friend’s taste, lifestyle and personality. They will definitely thank you for making their already picture-perfect desk, closet and apartment more perfect. There is no such thing as too much organizing with friends like Monica- make your gift count!




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